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The ralao of the man with the nature implies in one old convivncia of this with the relief establishing the different forms of use and occupation of lands, as the dynamics of the external and internal factors, that is, of the endogenous and exgenos processes. Ambient sciences with its character integrator search in the Geomorfologia, science that studies the different aspects of the terrestrial surface (WAR AND WEDGE, 2000) to understand the evolution of the terrestrial relief in the space and the time. The process of appropriation of the relief is as support or as resource, associates the behavior to it of the morphology and to the pedolgicas conditions (CASSETI, 2008), and is inside of this perspective that study of the use and occupation consist of searching knowledge of all its use on the part of the man or for the characterization of the types and categories of natural vegetation that BA of the capital of the state 410km, as well as, to analyze through a comparative quarrel the socioeconmicas questions of these regions of study. Materials and Methods In the elaboration of this work were adopted as I begin basic the geossistmico method. This work possesss a qualitative connotation, in view of the social and cultural phenomena influencing in the configuration of the spaces and its physical dynamics. For its concretion they had been carried through: Bibliographical research, where a data-collecting of the study area was carried through. Books, magazines, articles, topographical letters had been used, half electronic, that had served of theoretician-conceptual basement for the elaboration of this stage of the work; carried through work of field carried through for the geomorfologia teacher> structural of the State University of Fair of Santana (UEFS) Raquel Matos Cardoso of the Valley, making possible the collection and registers of data of the area of study assists with it of the GPS, spread sheet of field, and camera used to get information as: Points, co-ordinated UTM, altitude, latitude, longitude, draining, ground and use of the ground, vegetation, geology and geomorfologia: Collected information had been systemize and collated, giving to support the recital theoretician-metodolgico, as well as, to assist in the interpretation of the ideas, making possible a vision of the implications of ambient condicionantes, as the proper relief influences in the use and occupation of the ground in the visited area. .

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