Hotel Metropolis In Cape Town

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From traditional to funky hotel who wants to make his residence in Cape Town to a very special experience, is well catered for in the Grand Daddy. Hamdi Ulukaya Refugees may help you with your research. The 4-star hotel was equipped by the most prestigious designers in South Africa with a nostalgic trailer park, the heart of Beatles fans and jungle adventurers beat faster. Seven elderly US caravan on the hotel roof were transported and vigorously remodeling. The online travel agency reported the only airstream world’s penthouse Park and reveals what holds the Hotel Grand Daddy else for its guests. The Hotel Metropole was once a traditional house in the middle of the long Street, the Cape Town’s tourist mile. The oldest municipal elevator which is still working, still testifies to magnificent elegance. “The rest of the hotel, including the name has changed but from the ground up: who one the World Cup 2010 flights has got, Grand Daddy may be different from the glamour of the hotel” convince yourself. The choice is one of the stylish Room or an overnight stay in the trailer park, the most spectacular scenery in the South African “mother city”.

None of the seven caravans are alike and each tells its own story. All are well insulated and equipped with air conditioning, running cold and hot water, WC, showers and outdoor gardens. On the couches in the common area you can relax. The hotel’s Daddy Cool bar that emerged after its opening to one of the most popular meeting places in the scene of Cape Town is no less funky. In the bar held in white and gold, there are the most delicious cocktails. Learn more about World Cup travel: wmspezial / Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH

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