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It is understood that the heavy plate feeder frequency control system under normal operating conditions, according to the primary crusher, load status (current signal) with the broken machine automatically adjusts to the speed conditions allow the formation of the largest capacity in abnormal mining case that the primary crusher, the crusher, belt conveyor current overload alarm signal, according to process requirements at the same time reducing the running speed of the mine in the case of downstream equipment downtime, heavy plate feeder immediately interlock stop the stagnation points the buffer in ultra-high silo material level, automatic stop to the mining machine running. Downstream equipment downtime by-interlock according to process requirements. The crusher is widely used in mining, metallurgy, building materials, road, railway, water conservancy and chemical industry and many other sectors. The common crushing machine are impact crusher, mill, roll crusher, crusher compound winnowing. Jaw crusher (jaw crusher), with a crushing ratio, uniform particle size, simple structure, reliable operation, easy maintenance, operating costs and economic advantages these. Primary crusher units PX90/150 gyrating crusher: 380v, 180 K; crushers PYB2200 units; crushing machine are 3 units PYD2200Cone broken, 6kV. 280kW Crusher interlock start and stop and fault protection software PLC controller logic to achieve its start and stop on by operator ipc the Human Interface in the painting of direct manipulation or instructions issued by the logic directamente software, its signal status into PIC in the CPI on the man – machine interface screen display, the current signal from the transmitter into the PLC in the IPC display and storagethere exception will automatically alarm or interlock shutdown coarse crusher handling capacity by iron feeding capacity of the board to the system machine decided to coarse crusher such as Automatically reduces the frequency inverter and automatically improve the feeding speed Sizzling feeder feeding speed, reduces the feeding amount; coarse crusher appears underrun, increaser feeding capacity ensure coarse, broken system neither downtime but also to achieve the maximum processing capacity of crushing. As the crushing machine with coarse crusher belonging to two conveyor chains, the incoming gravel crusher emerges bin feed into the crushing machine Crusher crushing tape feed. Crusher crushing the ore mountain with a belt conveyor, belt conveyor ingredients car distribution is further broken into the crusher. These are all very important parts of the beneficiation process, so we should pay extra attention to them.

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