Indoor Aluminum

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The basic rule in choosing – to purchase goods only from reputable manufacturers. The same should pay attention to some of the metal is made of cable. Aluminum cable is cheaper, but it rapidly oxidizes in contact with air, has limited flexibility and a lower conductivity compared to copper cable. Copper cable is more expensive aluminum, but devoid of its shortcomings. Experts are not just advised to take the aluminum cable, but also advised replace the wiring from aluminum to copper wire cable.

Just when you select should determine the section of cable (or rather cross-sectional area). Cable diameter should be chosen with the expectation of future network load. Should take into account the fact that for aluminum wire should be selected section of a step up, because their conductivity is about 60% of the conductivity of copper cable. The main types of cross sections: 0.75, 1, 1.5, 2.5, 4, 6. Unit of measurement section – square millimeter (mm2). For residential premises suitable home pvs wire, cables, vvg, VVGng, nym. The latter type of cable provides an extra layer of chalk, rubber insulation, which prevents the formation of cracks at operating in adverse conditions. As the outer insulation is used in more flexible plastic, which also improves security. As a result, this cable is gaining popularity.

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