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The most common and easy methods of acquiring vending machines. There are opportunities to either pay bills or repay the entire cost in cash. Most important of all – the choice of supplier of acceptable trade machines, which must be infallible. Also take time to design documents in accordance with the law. Competently composed document for warranty service – a pledge of your success. The second method – take vending machines on the installment plan. From the supplier in this case negotiated the opportunity, and then a period installments, certain conditions this method of payment.

In general terms installments available constant and trusted customers. Many suppliers to provide installment require guarantors. The method of hire-purchase. This is a very flexible option to buy the vending machines. If you want to use this way, then you must find two guarantors and insurance risks. Repayment period of time the entire cost of a good coffee machine from 6 months to a year. Remember, if you decide to use this option, the purchase then the sum is greater than the price on the price list on the machine.

The amount of initial payment – 20-30%. The remaining cost will be paid monthly at the same size. Leasing (financial rent) as a method of buying a good snack machines. After signing the lease the leasing company pays the entire cost of purchased vending machines. Then you have to buy vending machines from the leasing company so that they become your rights property. The method of purchase of equipment gives you the right to tax benefits. With a lease price increase of 5-10% automatic. Need to pay right away no less than 30% of the price. In addition, most small price to the party should not be lower than 10,000 have. E. Option loan. Small business loans hard to get to the bank. The way out of this situation would be a loan to a private person under a pledge of property. The resulting amount is enough for Shopping 1-3 machines. Loan period – 24, 36, 48 or 60 months, the rate of 18-25% per annum. To obtain a loan must be: age 22-60 years, Russian citizenship, permanent registration in the region of the loan.

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