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Provides workers' compensation insurance program that pays for medical care for workers injured on the job or become ill because of working conditions. Workers' compensation and provide benefits for the families of such workers in cases of death of the breadwinner. Loss of income due to accidents in the workplace was the main problem of workers from the application of automation in the industry. In Currently, most industrialized countries have laws on personal life insurance or private payment for workers' compensation. In the United States, almost all states require employers to provide workers' compensation insurance to cover. Federal law provides for such coverage for employees of the federal government and certain other employees. Injured workers typically receive about two-thirds of their salary as well as people with disabilities.

However, most states limit the amount of cash benefits for workers. But spending on health and life insurance are not being cut. Most States provide training for new jobs for workers who are unable to continue his old job because of injury. Some states restrict workers' compensation in agriculture and workers employed in small businesses. In most states, employers must pay the full cost of workers' compensation through taxes or insurance premiums. In a few states, such costs are funded from the general fund of the state. Each state manages its own compensation program, but the level of state involvement varies greatly between different countries.

Federal programs compensation are administered by the Office of the Ministry of Labour compensation. Employers developed countries responsible for the designated officers to the fullest. They made the employer liable for damage caused by a defective product or the employees of negligence on the part of management, the employer. In 1880, Britain had one of the first such laws. Similar laws were passed in Germany in 1883. In Austria passed a similar law in 1887. Norway, Finland, France, Denmark and Britain have adopted such laws in the 1890s. In the early 1900s, most other European countries have adopted laws on compensation, caused by the workers. Ten U.S. states have adopted laws on compensation to employees in 1911. Wisconsin was the first. Similar laws have been priyanty in Alaska and Hawaii, when they became states in 1959. Several states, however, compensation for harm to employees by employers is voluntary. More information about insurance in the world and in Russia, you can visit the website of insurance.

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