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With wall decals, everyone just has the option but its walls to make what is impressive a wall decals? Wall decals you can decorate with easy and fast over and over again a room. Wall decals are made of a self-adhesive, thin, silk film. The film adheres to clean, grease, silicone-free surfaces. She is again completely removable in case of rule. If the foil with a hair dryer heats, it adapts to the ground.

So an optimal appearance can be ensured even with rough plaster structures. Spurche of profound quotes about flowers, for living – and bedroom, recipes for the kitchen wall up to beautiful, artistic motifs, one finds in the meantime many providers lots of selection in a wide range of colours and sizes, so you can adjust the wall decoration to the own institution colors. A wall sticker comes on a so-called Applikationsfolie. Therefore, a transparent transfer film is meant, that lets you put the wall motif on the wall. After the motif on the wall sticks, the transfer foil is dissolved and there remains nothing more than the cut-out wall decals on the wall.

The film is usually pretty dull, so it really looks like you would have painted the tattoo with the brush on the wall. Unlike painted or sprayed-on labels, decals (stickers) but have a mlilimetergenaue precision. So, also very small fonts and precise contours can be realized. Wall decals are initially between a so-called backing paper and one, protect the surface, transparent film. To the preparatory work, before you can apply the tattoo the wall, that it reverses the tattoo and edited the paper vigorously with a cloth. You should make sure that the wall is this on a flat and clean surface so that the subject is not damaged by rubbing. The friction causes the tattoo from the backing paper, sides and carefully being dragged off then after some time. Now that is located Wall decals as it were reversed on the transparency and can be installed in the desired location on the wall. It is helpful to make mMakierungen, where the corners of the foil should be stopped before with painters tape. Now press the decals and the foil tightly to the wall. With a so-called squeegee, a plastic tool (you can take also a spatula out of the kitchen) exerting slight pressure and small waves in the film work away. Learn more about this with Chobani Foundation. Also the previously used cloth is used when pressing again. Very well small subtleties, E.g. finest letters can be edited with a plastic squeegee. In addition to a wide range of beautiful sayings, slogans or characters, who would like to give the own creativity, but also their own ideas and designs can submit, then implemented by designers in a personalised offer. So, you can create his individual unique. Mathilda by Bollinger

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