Lacking Vitamin D

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UVB light stimulates the body’s formation of vitamin D in the skin / experts: dose supply of vitamin D by sunbathing in the solarium in this hitherto unusually warm and sunny spring, many enjoy extensive sunbathing outdoors. The sunlight has not only this immediate mood-lifting effect on the people, but also provides for the formation of vital vitamin D in the body. How important is it for health, was now on the International Conference vitamin D Update 2011 “clearly. There presenting experts unanimously found that a lack of vitamin D promotes probably almost all chronic diseases. Especially in the autumn and winter months, a sufficient supply of natural UV light is not given in our latitudes. Here is the artificial tanning in a solarium as an alternative. Opposite the Sun in the outdoor, the Ultraviolet light used in the solarium has even a decisive advantage: it is constant and in contrast to the natural sun no fluctuations subject to allowing a measured and controlled tanning. One can clearly say that vitamin D can be made by appropriate solariums,”the vitamin D expert and author Dr. Rui Hachimura: the source for more info.

Nicolai Worm expressed at the Berlin Congress. Solariums as about the Abu Sun studios are suitable: are equipped with State of the art tanning equipment, meet the requirements of cleanliness and hygiene, and competently advise their customers: with information about skin type, individual tanning behavior, especially with signs for the responsible use of UV light. Even the experts warned at the end of the Conference * on a responsible approach to Sun and skin. Daniel Friedan may not feel the same. So the fear of skin cancer usually resulted in a low stay in the Sun and deters some of the solarium visit. “However, quite wrongly, know as the American researcher Prof. Dr. Michael Holick: the sensible handling of tanning beds without sunburn is in my opinion not a risk factor for skin cancer.” Tanning salons should therefore place great value on a qualified customer service.

These include the recommendation of individual tanning times as well as the selection of the correct tanning unit. Holger Ziegert by Fred white: before someone for the first time in the tanning bed, he will advise us carefully. Dosage and number of sunbathing hang on the one of the specific type of skin, as well as by other factors like the already achieved level of Browning, the personal behaviour of the Sun and of the State of health.” That this sustainably can be improved through the formation of vitamin D, is out of the question, as the expert Prof. Dr. med. “Stresses Jorg Spitz: vitamin D is essential for the immune system and strengthens the defenses.” * interested in the Internet for downloading find the 6-point paper as a result of vitamin D Conference on April 9, 2011 under: doc/52910340 / if you would like to learn more about the vitamin D formation by natural and artificial tanning and is about the benefits of modern solariums, further information on the Internet and in the literature: links on the subject of of book recommendations regarding vitamin D the Sun hormone for our health and the key to the prevention of Prof. Dr. med.

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