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When speaking of something new in web 2.0 you should summarize it in a sentence for being able to imagine what is talking about. In this case, the new social network may qualify as a search engine of web pages that allows you to directly insert comments, surveys, polls, photos, videos on any web content, in addition to the current features of social networks. This new community, which is still in its alpha version, allows the user to see those post that left his friends in the webs of information, entertainment, film to do so, the only thing you need to do is register and enter through to any of the pages that are visited regularly. At all times it is possible to deploy any applications offered by Blerp (comment, photo, video, predictions marked with a red circle in the middle of the image), as well as respond or participate in surveys or polls created by other users. In these early, testing and navigation changes, Blerp is having great acceptance in the United States, as well as that in Spain where users have good feelings, but with the idea that there are things to improve. Usability, mainly in the menu, which is on the right and it is complicated navigation, together with the lack of experience of users, that the mechanics of the page has not yet assimilated, are two aspects that must work in the short-medium term to enhance the development of the same. Find an explanation for the possible success of Blerp in the near future, is complicated because it depends on many factors (Internet users, promotion, usability, practicality) who have made large Facebook, YouTube or Google and have finished with others such as Geocities. But everything points, thanks to the great proactivity showing users now, with great value for your environment post within a year this new social network will form part of the usual vocabulary of Internet users. Original author and source of the article..

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