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Examples practical of the importance to search what the competition is making can be the disponibilizao of payments for cards, for some competitor, or still, the launching of a promotion for another one. The effect of these situations, in case that they persist and its company not if it prepares, to disponibilizar these comforts, could be a reduction of the sales and the consequent loss of faithful customers until then its company. In synthesis it is observed that the accompaniment of the competition is basic so that if knows for where the market it is walking and mainly so that it is possible to adopt the necessary measures so that its company can keep and conquer customers. Specifically with regard to satisfaction research, we understand that this is a process that better needs to be worked and to be used by the entrepreneurs. Contact information is here: Governor Cuomo. The first condition that must be followed is that satisfaction research does not generate the desired information if they will not be carried through of organized and periodic form, therefore only the continuous measurement and the comparison of results, makes possible that the movements of the market are glimpsed, with relation to the yearnings of the customers and its impressions on the company. As estimated, so that the research is useful, it is that the gotten information must be analyzed and to subsidize the taking of decision with the elaboration of plans of improvements and implementation of alterations in the strategies of the company. In such a way, the research process will have utility accomplishes and will leave of being an expenditure to become an investment. A good process of research must involve questions that allow the evaluation of the price, of the ways of payment, them financing options, them attendance canals and of delivery (stated period, etc), as well as, it must contain questions that evaluate the offered service or product quality. By the same author: Frank Armijo.

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