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OOO "Kimberly-Clark Ukraine" organized trading of insurance employees. Tender won SC "Fortis Life Insurance Ukraine." The winner of the tender will be buying life insurance policies. In particular, employees will be insured for disability and death. Validity of the tender winner given policyholders will be 3 years. Also won the bidding insurance company provides insurance services brands AVON, Life, KNAUF, ABA, Weidmann, etc. According to the, bidding to purchase insurance services planned tender committee of the Kiev city state enterprise management "Ukrposhta".

We won the public bidding of the insurance company GP acquire insurance services of its facilities. According to the Ministry of Economy related to the source, which won the tender for the company insures 161 customer object. Since winning the tender insurers client will sign an agreement state procurement insurance services, operating in 2011. Bid security in the application for participation in the auction does not ring. The Board of the Southern Machine-Building Plant.

Makarova, plans to hold public bidding of insurance companies. The winner of the contest board of the plant will become mandatory liability insurance services. According to, in particular, who has won the insurance company will insure a liability the ship is operating the plant in case of damage to third parties, as well as damage to passengers or cargo ship. The tender will be held on March 10. Applications will be considered participants in the afternoon the same day. Purchasing services specializing in insurance companies are required to state Ukrainian postal operator "Ukrposhta". Tender for the state-run insurance company appointed on 10 March. To participate in the tender bank guarantee is required of the successful tender of the company will acquire the property insurance services, is located at 22 sites-mail. The winners will be bidding contract government purchases of services insurance facility, located in the Chernihiv region. The term of this agreement – in 2011.

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