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Heading of excellent quality: You will have to concentrate all their effort to realise heading of excellent quality to be able to draw attention of his possible prospectuses you, must remember that this person will only be in her page of 8 to 10 seconds, does not remember you, when I visit the Web for the last time was looking for information, when time invested to look for that information, if it does not find what this looking for simply will make click to be in the Web site of its competition, and that is not the idea to center of his website, the objective of its page is to sell, not to leave clients them go away before without at least leaving its data. Then it will have to investigate that it is what they love his clients and to begin to design the suitable headed ones so that they draw attention of his possible prospectuses. It realises headed of excellent quality and it will have but of the 99,99% of the won battle, to optimize its pages is the fundamental object so that you, are successful in this business. A call to the action: this it is of the best secrets kept from the great leaders in Internet, you; it will have to place announcements that affect to the action words that as subscrbase now its order orders already subscrbase now free these are some of the words that helped their possible client to realise an order, also will have to consider that this type of announcement will have to be in several sites of its page, and that this has a connection for the subscription page, sometimes many people are visiting their Web site, but you, do not obtain any result, and she would be asked so that she does not have bandage so that its page badly is designed and it does not have what we have come speaking to a call to the action ay moments in that you, will have to make the decision by his client and to say to him what must do, and that this person goes away thing on the other or that it buys is his decision so that on you, you depend on which this person buys. Then already she knows that of the aspects that a page Web sells it is that you, have in several sites of its page, the call to the action, and will have guaranteed sales, is of the keys of the success for you and the progress of its business in line. His Friend Jose Advisory Aviles of Businesses and Marketing by the Internet takes leave original Author and source of the article

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