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VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) is one of the top issues in it. The providers advertise especially with attractive cost savings. For small and medium-sized enterprises seems to be this not always the case. Main Valley, November 16, 2010. The interest in VDI continue increasing for IT decision-makers, because nothing has changed the past crisis. On the contrary: the recession has further fueled the virtualization thanks to the promised cost-cutting potential.

Market researchers see pent-up demand which demand will massively increase next year for VDI solutions specifically for the desktop infrastructure. At all euphoria, but few solutions offer a realistic alternative for small and medium-sized enterprises. The virtualization of the big manufacturers make high demands on the IT architecture of company and don’t come out often without data center with SAN solution. Investment (ROI) for the introduction of a VDI pays for SMEs only after years, if at all. An exception is the product of GNS Virtual desktop of the GNS GmbH in Maintal in Frankfurt. Unlike the place deer such as Citrix and VMware, the concept of GNS is not based on the hardware and hypervisor virtualization, but Parallels Virtuozzo’s OS container technology.

Hypervisor virtualization, the same CPU, RAM and storage resources in the data center must be provided about each virtual desktop, as formerly on the physical PC. Not so with the GNS product. Guido Baumann, Managing Director of GNS mbH, performs network – and system integration company: desktop virtualization with OS containers resource requirements to factor is lower than the traditional hypervisor virtualization 3-10. Even in smaller environments from around 20 desktops, so the introduction of a VDI solution can expect within a very short time. Free service: calculate potential savings from any company size, it is worth switching to virtual desktops and how much can be saved as a result? Interested parties wish to refer a total cost (TCO) comparison between conventional PC workstations, a traditional VDI solution such as Citrix or VMware, and the GNS virtual desktop. The VDI comparison calculator takes into account hardware and license costs, operating and energy costs and productivity even possible on request, failures on the part of the user. The underlying detail calculation with over 50 variables provides the GNS on request gladly in the form of an Excel spreadsheet. Then interested can count on complete with own values and formulas. The GNS GmbH is active for 15 years as an IT service provider with a focus on the user support and system integration for Windows networks. We offer IT support for businesses of all sizes and from all sectors and specialize in desktop computing. This results in our core competencies in desktop virtualization and help desk services. We operate a multitenant service desk GNS virtual service desk and offer a unique solution to the Desktop virtualization GNS virtual desktop. In addition, we offer IT consulting for license management, cloud integration, email security and business continuity, as well as full service for small-business networks. In 2010, the GNS employs 30 employees and several freelance employees. In addition to Microsoft, we maintain a strategic partnership the company Parallels, based on which products our services for desktop and server virtualization.

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