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And the games that use the email no less. Not everything is negotiable by email does not seem appropriate to use email as a tool in phases or in the most sensitive aspects of the negotiation. Nor is it an effective tool when the relationship may deteriorate by going through a phase of vulnerability, when there is a clash, and where a comment can take to ruin the achievements so far. In these cases, it would be better to use email as a complementary tool to find phone or face to face. You see yourself as the greatest poet of the cybernetic age, indulge in flowery prose or consider yourself the greatest exponent of the new literary age, but before you begin writing think about who will receive the message. It is the same whether you are exchanging emails with people who are direct personality, they like to receive information in a clear, precise and concise, or if we are corresponded with people seeking depth in their reading and sipping a well-constructed text.

Then there who likes to read mail and delete it, there are people who filed into the corresponding folder, and others who would like to print the email to read it together with a pencil that will serve to underline what attracts attention. Knowing the recipient and his way of understanding communications will help us adopt the precise style. “Long or short messages? If we stop to think a little, a long message suggests that whoever wrote it has devoted some time to think and compose the message.

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