New Republic

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The bands had appeared of coretos and military I cry and it; modinha? important musical sort created in Portugal, responsible for the melodicos and romantic aspects of great influence until the New Republic; the production of music religious, or lyric; lundu African? it dances African of meneios and sapateados, he will be one of the elements of formation of the samba. Also the waltzes, polcas and the tangos of diverse foreign origins find in Brazil a new form of expression. This diversity of sorts was if forming, and slowly if infiltrating, from the constant traffic of African slaves, who even so had its restrained religious and folclricas manifestations in the first centuries, they had not been decimated as the aboriginal culture, and had after blown up the abolition of the slavery. In the same period the musicians start if to organize, and small orchestras and chorales developed great musical activity in parties of all sort, and very even so the still modest presentations, the urban churches and houses or of farms, if they had become small, motivating the construction of the first rooms of concert called ' ' houses of pera' '. The repertoire adopted napolitanos models of ' ' it operates buffa' ' (workmanship on a comic subject, where generally the said dialogue is used) and the first Brazilian composer appears, Antonio Jose Da Silva (1705-1739), cognominado ' ' the Judeu' ' , that although to reach great success in Lisbon with its satirical theater, anger of the Inquisition cost it to it and as punishment beheaded and it was burnt. (MARIZ, 2008) Meanwhile, the Captainship of the Minas Gerais lives its golden period of the mining, that is, with the deriving wealth of the mining of the gold and diamonds, the captainship starts to attract a great population, what it goes to provide its urban development e, conseguintemente, emerges a bourgeoisie and if it becomes one granary of artists, amongst which, musicians come of the Bahia and Pernambuco, almost all mulatos and the few priest-musicians, who if install in Religious Orders or Brotherhoods.

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