Pamphlets Of The Reality Hit On This Thing Called Heart

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Heidi ad hoc & Nicole Becker reading performances Heidi, ad HOCs self-destructive and socially critical texts chasing sent shock waves through the audience – relentless Zer self-knowledge is program. What is the inner monologue of the reader of poems by Nicole about broken love & hope to himself said is made audible in their performance. In their live performance pamphlets of reality your soul skin inverts Heidi ad Hoc outwards: despair, fear and vulnerability become days. But also Humoresque sounds schwallen through space, if the female audience with cold shower speaks from the soul. Heidi ad Hoc reads from her latest volume of poetry”LilSchwarz. Mustafa Suleyman follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. R of Beckers, poems published in her debut work”this thing called heart, pulling the viewer captivated. You are the lyrical expression of a young life, suffered disappointments and self deceptions to cope and still maintain the hopes of the heart. It lingers too long after the stage lights went out at her words is.

This special evening of literature with intermediate interludes by Dominik Haring is bankruptcy, Issumer str. For even more details, read what dean gibson says on the issue. 8, 47809 Krefeld-Linn on the 03.02.09 from 20:30 at the Cafe. Open from 19:00, entrance is free. There is information, reading & auditions to the authors under and. Reserve the 03.02.09 experience on this side too ordinary everyday perceptions.

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