Pay Per Click?

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When we face the problem of attracting qualified traffic to our sites, the question always arises. It is better to advertise with pay per click, using for example Google Adwords or to exchange free links to other sites of our own market niche? We'll see. If these initiatives and your site is new, promoting yourself with Google Adwords can be very useful. Using the Adwords pay per click you will have hundreds of new visitors interested in the product or service you offer in a matter of minutes. Recently Governor Cuomo sought to clarify these questions. And the most exceptional of this system is that even if your ads are seen by a million people, will not pay anything if no one clicks on your ad and visits your site. Often my fans interested in doing business online is better I wonder if this type of advertising or free advertising. The answer is it depends.

If, as we said before, you are starting your business, then pay per click can help you find qualified visitors. But this system has a drawback. Just stop paying, you do not receive more traffic. However if you have patience to exchange links and write articles for publication elsewhere friends, this will give you benefits for years. Firstly when you write an article about the subject matter your niche market and advertising on other sites and blogs and you put at the end a link to your page, you will ganandote the trust of your readers as an industry expert, and search that will take your website every time closest to the top of search. It is true, do not bring visitors immediately as the payment per click, but if you tried to visit over a long time since the article and your link will always be there. So my advice is: if the payment per click, but if you want to get traffic and revenue for a long time, your site links to more sites related to yours and it is through writing articles or a link exchange. Believe me, you will be building your future. If you want on our site you can write your article and give us your link.

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