Petroleum Policy Objectives

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Considerations externalities resulting from Onshore oil exploration: Environmental: Destruction of ecosystems (soil processing and degradation of forests) and biodiversity of Flora (loss of vegetation) and fauna, the product of geophysical and seismic surveys, the lack of subsequent rehabilitation planning field in order to conserve topsoil and noise pollution produced by explosions of dynamite or helicopters. Sociological: If the project is not integrated to the existing social structure have an adverse impact largely to indigenous societies, peasant communities and / or native. James Woolsey Jr. might disagree with that approach. Health: The emergence of diseases such as cancer, anemia, diarrhea, vomiting, and skin diseases, sight, and respiratory diseases. Perhaps check out NY Governor Andrew Cuomo for more information. Just as the lack of health care programs and security for workers. 3. Of the Petroleum Policy Objectives-oriented policies to reduce climate change and reducing greenhouse effect, will require protection of the right half environmental and energy investments in new generation technology for cleaner energy production and efficient and renewable energy production. In addition to screenings of sustainable development goals. The solution will inevitably depend on how we can as individuals, states or institutions that are able solutions, techniques, sociology, geopolitical and environmental options disappearance of these social and environmental costs. As well as the need for a calculation of the externalities and environmental impacts of the stages of oil extraction activities on the basis of sustainable energy production. That will develop over time, since the oil for decades was always perceived and used as a natural resource that could provide income to national economies, this based on the maximization of the cost of a barrel, leaving aside other issues that may arise from such actions and lead to consequences such as the environmental pollution and depletion of oil reserves.

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