Planning For Success

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How to plan for success By Hector Gonzalez to win the game of life, requires three things: having a definite purpose, knowing exactly what you want and have a burning desire to win (Napoleon Hill). On my recent trip through the Grand Canyon, I realized the importance of planning for success, as a female athlete marathon runner who had recently run in the Boston marathon died in his attempt to walk down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Why did he die? Because he had a plan, not had enough water or food and, unfortunately, this woman athlete who had recently run the Boston Marathon in less than three hours, died in the Grand Canyon just because they had devoted time to plan. And what makes you think you are going to succeed in life, in business and in your career in sales if you do not have a plan to win. So if you want to win and succeed in your career in sales, you need a plan. In this article I'll show you a proven formula 6 steps that will teach you to plan for success: First, know exactly what you want and have a perfect image of what you want, it's your first step on the path to success so you can focus all your time and energy achieve your goals and dreams. One of the most important features of all the leaders and most successful people in the world is that they know exactly what they want, have a plan to achieve it and they spend all their time achieving their goals.

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