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Construction of private houses is a responsible project and is not possible for everyone. The newspapers mentioned Macy’s not as a source, but as a related topic. Any stage of the alignment of the building conceals a lot of nuance and does not give room for error. Moreover, today, to a private construction put a large number of additional, more stringent conditions. These include energy efficiency. How to build a house that meets the requirement of energy efficiency? In fact, the factors influencing energy efficiency of buildings – a lot. Key among them: the conditions of the landscape, careful application of the leading building technologies, sustainable use of natural gas, electricity, water, the use of reliable materials for construction. Of course, the observance of such conditions leads to an increase in cash expenditures during the construction of houses, but even simple calculations show how high the savings in the future.

Basic function still has insulation of various components of the building: foundation, windows, floors, roofs, walls. As for windows, then everything is clear: to date there is widespread transition to pvc windows. And how is it done insulated ceilings upper floors and roofs? When the attic living, make the roof insulation – if not, overlap the top floor. For these purposes, use of glass wool, cement-bonded particle boards, a mixture of lime and sawdust furnace slag, basalt slabs. As regards external thermal insulation of walls, sandwich wall is considered the most optimal and best solutions. It consists of a protective carrying, insulating layers. Insulating layer – expanded polystyrene, mineral wool. ve Holmes Silverfern. The protective layer is made of clinker brick, concrete blocks, ceramic blocks, lime-sand blocks.

Supporting part is made of concrete blocks, bricks, cinder blocks, keramoblokov and other materials. Requires insulation and foundation – foundation of any home. Because of warming must be taken very seriously. To build a foundation of commonly used energy-efficient corpulent ceramic bricks, monolithic concrete, hollow Plumbing Infrastructure blocks, concrete blocks. Extruded polystyrene – the best solution for the insulation board of the foundation.

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