Potential Energy Savings

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2.In the determination of the structure and magnitude of the potential energy savings, the difference between the possible energy-efficient state enterprises and actual (task no less difficult, it is necessary that the energy saving potential has been structured by types of energy consuming items, as well as on the factors that shape the energy saving potential within themselves elements). 3.In the analysis of the structure of energy saving potential and elimination of insignificant items, the selection of the most important and most successful events. 4.In the rationale of the energy impact of these activities. 5.B getting all the economic characteristics of the selected events. 6.B formation and the business plan. 7B drafting of recommendations for further monitoring of energy consumption.

From the foregoing it becomes clear that the energy audit of the enterprise – a complex scientific and technical challenge. The success of energy audits generally depends on how energoauditor owns various methods and instruments, whether he has the experience of similar work is important to energoauditor have abilities to study quite complex systems. The survey energy companies solve some basic problems of sequential decision which eventually develops an established methodology for energy audits. At the moment Russia is acute problem of "saving" the state control over the scope magnifies energy audit, energy audit market is constantly growing, and soon we will have an even greater breakthrough in this field. To conduct energy audits of buildings with a large area should be familiar with the peculiarities of the subject object.

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