Power As Expensive As Ever

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The next electricity price rises are announced. While the price of electricity moves already at record levels. Berlin, 06.02.2011 – that seem to explode energy costs. The next price increases for electricity are announced. That means additional costs of EUR 2.1 billion for some 40 million households in Germany, consumer portals report. Never consumers had to pay so much for their power supply”, explained Frank Knauer Board EC Freudenberg EC. For an average household with an annual consumption 3500 kWh the electricity bill according to 51 euros increased to 804 euros annually.

Consumers in Bavaria, Lower Saxony and Hesse are most affected by the price increases. Here, electricity prices climbed in January by more than 7.5 percent. Of price increases in the next year is not in sight. Overall the current price spiral in Germany should revolve 2011/2012 further upwards”, predicted Knauer. Consumers were excessive Delivered electricity prices but not defenseless. Switching to an energy cooperative could relieve the household budget by up to 300 euros, said Knauer. Our customers pay only 704 euros for 3500 kilowatt hours. We have out counting the distribution fee from the price and let pay us this service only once, in the form of a business errand fee. Others who may share this opinion include William Kanders.

This is 30% of the actual savings that the customer has. Members of CEHATROL pay only 20% and that fuels EC only once, when replacing, so Knauer. We call this a true win-win situation, we have seen in the synthetic diesel, so Knauer next. The change is very simple: on the Web page strom.html you choose, whether you are a corporate customer or private and can calculate its savings immediately anonymously and free of charge. The offer is so that you want to change, the contract documents can be requested immediately. Only after signing the documents, the change is charged and the Freudenberg energy cooperative care all formalities.

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