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33 years had been giving lesson until the retirement. I arrived to have 4 jobs of one alone time. Almost always I asked for the account for not having more conditions to continue in that company. Still giving lesson, I entered in a bank where I exerted the activities per 7 years. Also I entered in the Press where I remained per some years. Exactly with these jobs never I left of lecionar.

I gave lessons in 13 schools here in Cuiab. I finished retiring and April an Infantile Home where I am continuing my work as voluntary giving lessons for children who always were my passion. It never lacked job to me, always I worked, I conquered the people for all the places where I exerted mine functions. Here our Home has directed much people to the work, already we more than obtain 400 jobs in these 7 years of existence of the Home and more than prepare 2000 people for the work market. We have received complaints from much people that do not find work. Some people had been directed to the work here for us, but they had not given in the leather and they had been fired. We were said that these people produce very little and bring damages for the company.

Other companies thank in them for terms sent they good employees. The person who really wants to work needs to prepare itself for this. To make good courses, to have a good label, to have love what she makes, to conquer the people (to be does not pull bag, therefore this only of the damage), to work exactly, to look for to understand its service well, to be made use to help new employees who arrive. Who enters in rain is pra to get wet, says the old one dictated. Unhappyly we work with people whom no nugget of love to the work does not have, only makes what they order to it to make as soon as, as it was a simple obligation, it finishes the schedule add in the world. On the other hand, it does not have no desire to progress, to help the company, of if improving. Later it is complaining toa. To complain does not take the nothing, is necessary for the hand in the mass. This country has much job, for all the gostos. What we need exactly is preparing in them for this, to have force of will, fondness to progress and to take the progress the company.

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