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Therefore, it is understood that social responsibility is the act of the company if to worry beyond its basic tasks, prioritizing the conscience that it needs to help who is its return, beyond its collaborators. 2,1 SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: SENSITIVITY OR INTEREST? The organization that adopts the social responsibility actively search for envolvement and comprometimento, searchs the awareness social, especially with community it encourages its collaborators to make the same. While the method of the social responsibility nails the individual and enterprise envolvement in established social causes already, the social responsibility has ampler vision to if worrying about the future of the society. While some try to decipher if the companies who practise the social responsibility they make, it for interest or not, others prefer to acquire products commercialized with companies known in the market and that they really act in the society and they do not need media to prove, &#039 is enough to the celebrity; ' mouth-the-boca' '. Milton Friedman (1984) is defender of the thesis that the companies must maximize the profits, also says that the Social Responsibility must be inserted inside of an organization to only fulfill with the legal obligations. Many companies follow this way and in the truth they finish having resulted comprometedores. For the economist and winner of the Prize Nobel, Friedman (1984, on-line) affirms: … the majority of the controlling of the present time is constituted by professionals, that is, they are not owners of businesses that they manage.

This means that they are only employees, and that its only responsibility is to give accounts to the shareholders. Therefore, its primary responsibility consists of directing the businesses with the purpose to protect the interests of the shareholders. Friedman (1984) places that the shareholders have an only interest: to get a financial income. Still in accordance with it, when the controlling take the decision to spend the resources of its organization in benefit of ' ' well social' ' , they are debilitating the mechanism of the market.

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