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I deduce that it would be important to have the composed Advice of Classroom for absolute majority of pupils with the managers of the school, to question practical and commitments teaching. The Advice of Classroom in the majority of the Schools (mainly public), follows an exceeded paradigm, with speaks on the pupils () of form pejorativas, is representative expressions of the reproductive preconception of the bourgeois elite; they say only in the ways to be and to act in relation to the individual and tribal behaviors of ' ' pobres' ' pupils (), without taking in consideration the communities that live unprovided of the basic conditions for full sociability of the condition Citizen. She is necessary to consider that currently, particularly in the state of So Paulo (my personal and professional experience), the public power does not fulfill its paper of supplier of good Educao Fundamental (C.F). To fulfill to its function the Advice of Classroom he must define the pupil as protagonist of our gift in the construction of the future, to inform as to contribute with the process of learning, development, type of adequate progression that contemplates the individual evolution of each pupil (a), respecting its time and its social familiar description/..

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