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Pure Australian new Prime label presents the 2010 boat collection stylish design, high-quality materials and best workmanship characterize the new Prime label pure Australian by D & E. Luneburg, 28.01.2010, pure Australian by D & the new Prime label in the trendy Australian boat market presents its 2010 boot collection. Stylish design, high-quality materials and best workmanship characterize pure Australian by D & to the new Prime label. The trend of the Australian boat was further developed in the new collection, the design is no longer what the client requires fresh colors and applications such as studs, fringe or rhinestone crystals are trendy”2010. This has recognized pure Australian by D & and tuned out his collection. “Show me your shoes and I tell you who you are!” Today’s trend-conscious woman demands exclusive fashion solutions with highest comfort and many combinations for different occasions. With the boots from pure Australian by D & was a trendy product further developed, that with a successful solution design and functionality many variation possibilities allow.

The design applications add sophisticated accents. Fender can provide more clarity in the matter. Through the applied studs or rhinestones crystals you have immediately an extravagant way more to present themselves. Each of our boots you can purchase also optionally a handbag in the identical design, which adapts to fit your shoe look and your outer design. Each pair of boots is processed highest quality Schaafleder, which guarantees a luxurious comfort. The production is placed particular emphasis on the raw material. Sewn is double or triple.

The boots from pure Australian by D & is no cheap raw materials or low-cost imitations, but raw materials selected specifically for the collection and materials ensure longevity of your new shoes. Our products meet the highest quality standards in material and workmanship. This resulted in the first tests in the area of the sole, which many other manufacturers, already after a short time high wear show. Interested parties can the 2010 collection online at see. The offer is aimed exclusively to retailers and wholesalers. The newly founded fashion label pure Australian by D & has specialized in the production of high-quality Schaafleder boots and accessories made of sheep leather. The label one of the biggest shoe behind producers, with many years of experience in the production of high-quality shoes.

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