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It has times, the movements of women come guiding its debates in the perspective of that the questions traditionally that they are attributed to it must be placed in ampler context, that is, of the quarrel of the relations and of papers of men and women in the society. This is called question sort. This boarding allows to point out the subject in a bigger horizon when treating, for example, the question of the inaquality between men and women, as a problem in the relations of domination socially established you enter the two sorts. Moreover, recoloca the terms of the solutions of the problems: they are joint and involve changes of position and behavior of men and women in a social distribution more joust of the responsibilities and chances. The governmental actions, the public politics and the programs developed for governments can ahead exert an important paper of this picture of inaqualities. On the other hand, they can strengthen the inaqualities, what it occurs, in general, for the state fact of the governments and agencies not to be ' ' atentos' ' to the sort inaqualities. E, more than this, in result also of the proper society not to be intent to these inaqualities. But, also they can contribute for reduction of the sort inaquality.

In first place, recognizing that this inaquality exists and that it must and can be reduced. In according to place, integrating the combat to the sort inaquality, together with the combat ' ' others desigualdades' '. In third place, identifying as and where these inaqualities if reveal and which its impacts? to be able itself to plan action strategies. The modern world presents, therefore, new challenges for the construction of the sort fairness, that emerge at this moment where the societies seem to direct themselves exactly in the contrary direction, deepening social inaqualities. It is important to stand out that the equality does not exist only to be promoted, but also the freedom.

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