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Receptionist Receptionist or reception area is the face of the company. Reception area, who came into your office people, the first thing falls in it. Just her appearance seems like about the company and its leader. The first impression is usually the strongest and subsequently its already difficult to change. That's why your job as leader, to present their company and themselves, respectively, in the best light. Thus, trying to save on the external as his receptionist, you save money on their image. And this business is considered bad manners.

Sam reception is divided into two zones – a waiting area and actually own reception area, where the distribution of visitors. There are so same user is estimated, on how many professionally literate people working with him and how much has been made properly its direction. Any specific requirements (except for ergonomic) to the reception desk does not exist. But remember, the reception desk is your face, the face of your company. That it is usually drawn more attention than all the rest. The visitor visitor estimates, as it met.

The objectives of the reception is not only report information about the activities of the company to the visitor, but also the formation of ideas about the firm. It is in the reception area sets the tone for future relations with the visitors. And they can be anyone, as potential employees, and even ordinary customers. Reception desk is most often done under the order, taking into account the desires of the customer and the functions to be performed by staff in the reception area. Each order is made on the basis of the area allotted to the reception area area. Particular attention in the regeneration of the reception should be paid to the holding area. Need to do to wait for the visitors held the most comfortable. As a rule, in the waiting area is located one or two comfortable sofas and few seats, which can be replaced with chairs, but the chairs have to be high back. Approximately in the center of the waiting area is a coffee table, which will be placed various advertisements and informational materials to the visitor, waiting their turn, could be fully acquainted with the activities of your company. Just desirable information booth on the wall. A good addition to the presence of automaton with drinking water. Now these devices combine several functions. Depending on your preferences visitor can choose a hot drink, it can be tea or coffee, plain water (it can also be soda) or cold water. It is very important to the reception area attended a climate control system. It will allow your visitors to feel comfortable in the winter cold and summer heat ….

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