Scientific Methodology

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This work does not have the pretension to enclose all the involved questions in Scientific Methodology. For more information see this site: Western Union. It is treated, so only, of an aid for consultation on the part of the students of the graduation courses, also being able contributing the after-graduation students. Any theoretical or practical deepening will have to be searched in the bibliography suggested in the end of this work. Frank Giacalone has many thoughts on the issue. Our intention was only to facilitate the search of the students in what it says respect to the works of academic research. The structure of this work, by itself, serves of model for a work carried through in classroom. Moreover, we look for to present and to explain the rules for each part of a scientific work.

Based in proper comments, without scientific connotation, we notice it disciplines that it of Scientific Methodology is one of the most rejected for the students in practically all the graduation courses. It is, more or less, as the old chavo of ‘ ‘ I hate matemtica’ ‘ , exactly that mathematics is not so terrible thus. It disciplines it Scientific Methodology it is imminently practical and it must stimulate the students so that they search motivations to find answers to its doubts. If we relate in them to a superior course we are of course in relating to an Academy of Science and, as such, the answers to the problems of acquisition of knowledge would have to be searched through the scientific severity and to be presented through the effective academic norms. Said this, it seems that it is clearly that scientific methodology is not a simple content to be decorated by the pupils, to be verified in one day of test; it is treated to supply to the students an indispensable instrument so that they are capable to reach the objectives of the Academy, that are the study and the research in any area of the knowledge.

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