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The Social Network movie though it was filmed for the public in general, covers dimensions as deep as it is passion, the dream, the desire to achieve an own technology company, and the founders of small businesses are best suited for viewing. It is amazing how a company achieves a so big in so few years growth, how was it possible? The critics fail to talk enough about the film Facebook, which is considered full of realism and adjusted to life. Now most businesses need to take a step to the Internet, but is expected impressive growth? Who can learn small companies from the movie the social network? The determination is a precedent of success Paul Graham, a venture capital adviser says that the determination (not talent in raw or intelligence) is the most important factor for the success of a business. But most entrepreneurs cannot believe and rely on your own determination, they mistakenly believe that successful people are born, not they can glimpse the success is made, which is a custom. Graham has seen firsthand in hundreds of companies in risk that has funded, that determination ensures brilliant times, provided that there is determination there are a high percentage of success.

The determination that is seen in the facebook movie is just that talks about Graham. No doubt Mark Zuckerberg, is much more intelligent than the average youth of 26 years, but is not the intelligence of that many mothers feel special in their school-aged children. In the movie you could appreciate scene after scene that Mark has the determination to implement his ideas, convinced at all times that what you are doing is the most important thing that must be done. The approach allows you to be specific because we know that now the social networking site facebook has more than 500 million users, which is open to anyone, but in its early days was not.

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