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It is very difficult to imagine the life of modern man without a specific device, such as a strong and honorable, took the mobile phone. In Ukraine, the number of "gamers" outnumber fixed-line phones – It is proof that the information revolution in our country has already occurred. And today a "mobile" is not just a means of voice transmission, it is becoming a universal information center having great potential for the implementation of communication projects. Opportunities to use mobile phone starayutsya many organizations that effectively use innovative channels communication, opening up new opportunities for brand promotion in the temple level of competition for the consumer. Today's sms and sms services stocks, including some different sms quiz, sales promotion, sms jokes, sms Congratulations, consumer information, voting – this is an incomplete list of services that implements mobile marketing. SMS-advertising is the most common method of visual communication using mobile phone. At the moment she got a huge development in the U.S. and Western European countries and is growing in Russia and Ukraine.

The popularity of SMS-advertisements, among other things, due to a very high response – 20% or more. AND it is not surprising, because SMS-advertising provides direct delivery of information and has a minimum percentage of evasion – the subscriber, as a rule, always reads the advertising message Today Mobile marketingispolzuyut brands such as Coca-Cola, Nestle, Pepsi, Motorola, McDonald's, Braun, Winston, TNK-BP, Efes, SAB, Miller, Nokia, Samsung. A classic example – the campaign carried out by the contacts the center of "Bell House" for the clothing chain.

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