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Along the year will learn techniques of specific Arab dances inside what is Racks Sharki, which is what makes the dancer in a show including mergers and also different styles, since the origin of this dance comes from the Middle East and North Africa. Also looking for the style of each student. Finishing with a looseness and flexibility work. My way of working is personalized and adapted to the demands of each group. Each person is cared for, in the sense of correcting them, with the intencionque encourage and understand every movement in the own body Arab Arabic-contemporary dance contemporary choreography body expression elongation classes group individual seminars special homes institutes contents (BEGINNER level) movements, steps specifies you dance Arab technical basic dissociation, expression. trumbakke ligation of steps and movements is based on undulations, taksim, braceo, coordination Ritmologia, different group simple choreography, improvisation, displacement, dissociation twists, distribution of weight, balance, different energies, consciousness of the space qualities, levels theoretical part: history and origin of the bellidance in the world. elementary vocabulary content level PRINCIPIANTE-INTERMEDIO choreography technical trios of whole veil Racks Sharki and Racks baladi tickets general Middle East culture dance (deepening and development of the contents of the beginner level) research of self expression. CONTENTS level intermediate Chinchines(ritmos maksum, baladi, saidi, sarieh) choreography and improvisation technique luos veil open simple trumbakke Solos Taksim handling of stage 1 training for dancers cane level 1 (deepening and development of the contents of the previous levels) contents intermediate advanced level Chinchines(ritmos: fallah, ayub, masmudi, tawil) dance with Double veil 2 ritual dances percussion Solos: belly, floor, taksim, baladi dances Show Egyptian faraonicas Arabic base 15 minutes resistance, elongation. cane level 2 (deepening and development of earlier dances levels) original author and source of the article.

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