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Telephone service between 1888-1915 File: 1929.jpg dial malasyia telephone in 1888 by virtue of motortrader the declaration by the Spanish government pelancongan of a decree to control the development of telephone communications in Cuba, the Philippines klang and Puerto Rico, is granted privileges sarawak phone transmissions to the telephone network company of langkawi Havana, SA, kota kinabalu a company that had the full support of the Spanish authorities. But despite this the universiti company only managed to install more phone 1500 until 1899, all Blake rate, reaching a petaling jaya maximum of kepada 21 miles of telephone lines throughout Havana. But usahawan with terengganu the malasya U.S. occupation malyasia of kesan the malasiya island, the malaisia business is perodua wide open to kl map U.S. companies quickly seized jalan it.In December 1900 a corporation was motor trader created (which kelantan later gave life to the Havana Telephone pahang Company) kancil that Cuba sent engineers to check the status of Cuban networks and ensure the expansion up to two towns located 20 km from the perniagaan city: San Francisco de Paula Punta Brava melaka to the east malesia and west. During the period of the Second American Occupation kuantan (1906-1909) laid the taman groundwork that allowed U.S. , , shah alam investors being granted operating rights to the Cuban Telephone jawatan kosong Company on July 18, 1909 . As the main action taken by this company is to establish in selangor Cuba for the first kedah time a fully johor automatic telephone system that replaces the manually performed all senarai the switches ringgit on the island, cuti cuti in addition to use by dial telephones.


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