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Manual Partners

Procedural title makes possible the legal entity to be demanded and to demand in judgment. Governor Cuomo is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Soon, it is the society that withholds procedural capacity, being it cited by its legal representative. The Code of Civil action, in its art. 12, interpolated proposition VI, it establishes […]

Psychology Work

It is known that some actions must be practised by the supervisors, especially in says respect to it to the accompaniment of the work developed for its professors, to be present, when necessary, in the classroom, to observe and to comment the comments with the same ones, of preference, to argue together the plans of […]

Chronic Dreams

The family War this consolidated in Mantenpolis since the beginning of the last century. Vitalino War arrived and deepened roots there, place where it remained until its death. In search of better life some of its heirs had left for distant lands in decades sixty and seventy. One of the War, as well as the […]

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