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Expensive Boats

Motor Yacht 325 Sundancer designed as an evolution of its predecessor – Yachts 315 Sundancer. Previously, all end with a list of standard and optional equipment. But this time the developers spent a significant restyling of the previous model, both outside and inside. Result of hard work has elegantly curved body in the form of […]

Geneva Motor Show

It is called the main showroom of the year because every year in Geneva, leading autocompanies brought here by their best innovations. But anyway it was a Geneva salon innovations premium and their number leaves behind auto shows in Los and Detroit combined. Luxury coupe, stunning sports cars, futuristic concepts “is, where carousing at will.” […]

Traffic Police

In case of detection of this circumstance, you have a certain chance to regain his driver’s license, proving that the results of the procedure for you has no legal force, because you may not sleep in spirit not to give up, most medical examinations. 4 Inadequate (undue) medical examination. Yes, indeed, narcologists, oddly enough, too, […]


One of the important issues that need to allow every man is a nuance organization of cargo transportation. Because today is not sufficiently significant number of firms, and especially so individuals have privately owned freight cars, then to resolve the issue of carriage of goods required to address the masters. When selecting a company that […]

Auto Insurance

Nowadays, it is safe to assume that these two definitions properly as a vehicle and car insurance must be absolutely consistent, and clearly and definitely understood as a whole. Accordingly, uninsured vehicles, it is possible to some extent be considered as a car, riding without a driver, in other words, out of control. And if […]

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