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Computer Vs. Console – An Unequal "fight "

Today is playing on their home computer, or on the console simply to normal life, but this was the beginning of the game time not the case. Quite the opposite was the case, because in the beginning of the success story of the games was not a normal calculator, but rather the exception. Initially, the […]

Multi-Subdomains Installed in WordPress

This post is dedicated to the subject multi-subdomains under WordPress. WordPress more such articles and topics, see on my side. On one side have found some time ago an article on the subject of multi-(sub) domain WordPress, which deals precisely with this issue. He described a very interesting method where multiple blogs on different subdomains […]

The Linux Administrator

Before the turn of the millennium of Windows users often considered a freak, Novell and Windows admins often ridiculed just tired, the Linux Admin wins today more and more importance and recognition. But what exactly makes him so special? Now the Linux administrator is proud to use a highly flexible and free operating system. He […]

Screen Technology

In a few years is once again the TV / monitor market up again. The display next generations are already in the starting blocks. SED (Surface-conduction Electron emitter Display) This technology is developed by Canon and Toshiba, and consists of conductive electron emitters. SED displays are similar to a cathode ray tube. But instead of […]

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