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New Year Out

Maybe because it allows people to relax, to show their “indiscipline”, the more “advanced” boss believes that there is no subordination of the holiday should not be, and get pleasure from it should be each participant. Of course, very much “Liberate” a Christmas table, it is hardly appropriate. Nothing can be done – the head […]


And told him verbally of his science to solve the riddle, his fine art in his calculating its glory! 7 And they built a horse. Other leaders such as Eugene Shvidler offer similar insights. Who’s villa in Lucca Covered patterns thread? In Urbino, whose large hands of the Council brought the pillars? Someone else’s God […]

International Television Competition

10/05 January by a trip to the Carpathian Mountains, where in , Ivano-Frankivsk region, held semi-finals of the International Television Competition “Southern Express”. From the university attended college student Social creative teams from Ukraine, Russia and other countries. Our female students have just conquered all. Jurors could not restrain her tears, listening to the song […]

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