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Price Gouging Of The Mobile Service Providers Affected German Value Added Services Market

Premiums are partially at 1,000 to 2,000 percent transparent Austrian pricing on Germany transferred. Fribourg/Bonn – the market for value-added services in the German-speaking world will grow according to the results of a study of University Friborg in the next few years continue to be significantly in the Switzerland. In the year 2005 alone, the […]

Fans Fighting Right

Metal-FM.com – new star in the sky of the metal scene is a very respectable number for a very young project more than 70 likes within 4tagen, to peaks in height from 18 to 73 can be truly listener per hour. It’s called metal-FM.com, a metal Web radio which is as the name implies, specializes […]

Papers Publish – Scientific Publishing

Publishing scientific work – free publish scientific works are very often online published scientific works. In the course of the last decade, scholars of various countries increasingly use the electronic means of communication for the exchange of scientific information. The new system of publication of scientific work will accelerate the exchange of the information, will […]

Shanghai German Professor

The DCM in Dusseldorf is chosen with care: Dusseldorf is the most dynamic Chinastandort in Germany. 280 Chinese companies are in the city resident, 2,300 Chinese live and work there. Also over 18 million people in North Rhine-Westphalia live”, says the Managing Director. And the media industry in North Rhine-Westphalia is characterized by a very […]


To start with a good feeling in the social media world. More and more decision makers in the marketing and corporate management employs the theme of social media guidelines. It was maybe even a marginal phenomenon that moving employees into the social networks and also about the employer or its themes spoke, a few years […]

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