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Workout At Home

You have a home gym? Cool! But this article is for those who have home desk, chair and a couple of meters of free space Even in these conditions it is possible to work out the muscles so that they finally turned into pate. It was elaborate, but not more! If you think that the […]

The Punching Bag

Punching bag of one of the most important training utensils of every Tyrannizes. Already in ancient times there were punching bags to prepare for fist fights or similar kinds of sports in the context of Roman or Greek tournaments. At that time, the bags with sand, flour or fig seeds were filled and were also […]

Sportfive GmbH Students

Business contact trade fair ‘Jobs in sports’ for the first time on the following day already marks the ninth year in a row the Conference series, which deals with the contexts of sports, economy and media at the highest level. On 30 November, experts from these areas on the campus of Salzgitter of the Ostfalia […]

Mixed Martial Arts

A German blog for a controversial sports Soccerkick.de – the new source of ultimate fighting. Through the use of seemingly endless techniques, such as punches, kicks, knee and elbow joints, litters, as well as lever – and choking, MMA is the realitatsnahste duel of the world. At the latest since the action-packed transfers in the […]

Success And Motivation

Valentin Dikul on this occasion said: “The only thing – it must have iron strength of will, an iron character and purpose which we really want to achieve. And then very slowly and wisely seek her. ” Think about it: And if you have a goal of employment, or at least you thought – why […]

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