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Besides the fact that composite models look very noble, they leave wide scope for choosing a color, which is impossible case with stainless steel sinks. Hue granite bowls determined by the color of the dye in its composition, so it can be any shade: from the lightest scale to black – it all depends on the preferences of the buyer. Tone Cleaning can be harmoniously "adjust" under the countertop and finish the track in the same mixer. And in order to get well "in tone, producers are advised to purchase a sink and faucet brand. The shape and design granite sinks can also be quite varied: the standard square model, which can complement the wing (drying) or a second bowl, angular and round. How to install sink? By the method of installation kitchen sink granite block can be either overhead (put on a pedestal as the lid) and cut-in (cut into the countertop).

Here the rules are the same as installing sinks made of stainless steel: if a set of kitchen furniture are different things and buying a new headset is not planned, it is best to choose a Consignment sink. And in the case of acquisition of sectional set with a solid tabletop model is more appropriate Flush. Mechanism install washing in the same level with tabletop or under the worktop rather complicated, so better to entrust this task specialist. One of the most valuable qualities of granite sinks in that they require virtually no efforts to care for them. As mentioned above, the surface of these sinks has the ability to repel oil, so their walls almost no plaque formation. Because they are resistant to chemicals, they can household washing facilities, and through the granite-based scratch the surface impossible.

After drying on granite washes is not divorce, nor are they afraid of lime. In the durability of granite can not doubt: the average lifespan of composite sinks is more than 15 years, while it hardly changes the original form and does not lose properties. Even if the surface over time there are any chips, specialists will help to remove them. The market value of granite sinks is higher than their steel counterparts. True, since such a wash for many years will not require replacement, its value is completely paid off. The price for this product varies depending on model, size, manufacturer, and the availability of additional equipment. Despite the relative novelty on our market granite sink well represented. You can buy the products of such the leading German manufacturers such as Teka, Blanco. Schock, Smeg. well-known Italian brands Telma, Elleci, Fokus, Swiss – Franke, Greek Plant Pyramis, Slovak firm Alveus, Ukrainian-Turkish company Ukinox.

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