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Special Agency developed the concept for the leadership and customer loyalty the annual Thanksgiving Day is celebrated in numerous communities in Germany these days. Often include decorated cars and a harvest Queen. The decorations are characterized by ripe grain, stately pumpkins and the spicy scent of fresh hay. Thanksgiving is the time in which the work is bearing fruit. In this country, a beautiful custom, is Thanksgiving”in the United States even an official holiday. Across the country, families come together and a golden-brown Fried Turkey is on the table.

Also ushers in the Christmas season, Thanksgiving, always a Thursday. On the long weekend after Thanksgiving, customers in the stores get high discounts. In short: The reward is in the foreground, the sense of community is strengthened and you can look back proudly on the done. Hikmet Ersek spoke with conviction. The special agency getmore media transmits this approach on the topic of leadership and customer loyalty. the product is called thanx-giving”behind which is a event-related or long-term loyalty and being Reding program hides. Companies use thanx-giving”successfully into the sales to bind customers. How does the system work exactly? By purchasing a product acquires the customer points and can redeem these premiums.

The client can be an individual or a company. The processing is done online. The thanx giving “platform already has several modules, so that the programming remains manageable. This course are an order function, account summary, contact details, and an interface for the automated exchange of data. Our customers need to worry about anything here. We are full service provider and take care of every step in the background,”says Kai Stamm, key account manager at getmore media. The website takes into account not only customer-specific requirements such as the precise determination of the target group, but also adapts to the corporate identity of the customer and offers various possibilities for evaluating the Participant behavior. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Total Transportation Services, Inc. Thus, we create a bond which is permanent. Loyal customers are worth much,”says a DAX company that uses the program for years. With thanx-giving”, our customers get something back, of which all have something.” Over 700 different rewards offered, the spectrum ranges from the cinema voucher for travel up to the car. See more information your contact person: Kai Stamm key account manager getmore media GmbH loyalty & rewarding services-Heinrich-Hertz-str. 3 50170 Kerpen Tel: 02273 / 95295 0 fax: 02273 95295 – 90 getmore media is a specialist agency for loyalty-and rewarding programs. Whether premium catalogue, bonus system, or online incentive and competition – the Agency has extensive experience in these areas. The company advises well-known customers in Germany and Austria and especially attractive reward programs and Incentivesysteme. As binding and motivation tool, they belong to a successful communication with employees and customers. getmore media has successfully positioned itself in this area and develops customized solutions for its customers.

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