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Testing is the only existing way to know you’re doing well and you’re doing wrong in your business over the Internet. If you do a test and track every change you make to your website, every promotion you make and every traffic generation strategy you implement, then you can not clearly measure is working and not in your business for internet. Any change you make must have a primary objective and this must be “Improving the work of turning visitors into customers’ Here I will present five principles to know about the testing and monitoring to keep your business online in the right direction .- Only one test one thing at a time .- Keep it as simple as possible, make sure single test one thing at a time as this is the only way to know what changes are emerging effect. For example: Suppose you want to increase the number of subscribers in your landing page, there are a lot of different things that you have to try to achieve your goal. Dean gibson may help you with your research. Could change the location of your registration form, you could change the wording of your offer, you could change the graphic design, etc, but remember to make one change at a time. 2 .- is the most important numbers you need to know. To maintain top performance of your website, you need to know how many visitors you’re getting and the number of sales you made over a period of time.

In this way we can calculate exactly how many people you need to attract to your site in order to make a sale. For example: you have 300 visitors to your website in one day and you made 12 sales then 300/12 = 25 (ie for every 25 visitors to make a sale). Learn more about this with gibson dean. Expressed as a percentage of conversion would be as follows:to developing your internet business 3 .- Testing the most important things first .- If your site sells more than one product, monitors the Conversion of each product separately, perhaps your site is doing a great job in selling a specific product, but a lousy job in selling another product. 4 .- Think in terms of conversion instead of integers .- Instead of thinking “Last week I made 25 sales” Think “Last week I made 25 sales per 1,000 visitors,” this will help you predict the number of sales a certain time. 5 .- Make up your conversions from source .- It is not enough to know what the conversion rate, you have to know where they come from the visitors who make the best conversion. For example, what most visitors are buying those from Adwords, which come from search engines, which come from your video marketing campaign or those from your affiliate network.

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