The Fixation

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But the fixation to the object long ago anxiously yearned for, the penis of the woman, leaves as sequel ineffaceable tracks in the psychic life of the boy who has crossed with particular digging that piece of sexual investigation infantil" (pgs.s 89-90). The traumatizante judgment related to the perception of the difference of sexes generates a development of complex affection, the horror, before which in I arise denied and/or the fundamental repression. But whereas the denied one seems to arise from a development of affection (the feeling of destruction of I), the repression arises before another different one: the castration anguish. It is necessary to also ask itself who realises the defense. I consider that I am. But it is possible to indicate two points: 1) yoicas exists for Freud three structures: primitive real I, the purified I-pleasure, and definitive real I, besides supery and the ideal of I; 2) exist, in addition, four theories in the work of Freud for the different analysis of these yoes. In denied the purified I-pleasure it maintains using to its service a part of the preconscious one and rejecting the rest in definitive real I, moment at which it happens the escicin.

What it is placed in this place occupies the position of an assistant for the support of the purified I-pleasure, invested like omnipotent. In some cases, then, denied service is to of support of idealisation of another one, located like guarantor of being of I, thus creates bond in which one (I) maintains the investiture of the other (of the model), that inviste to I eat as well chosen, like rescuer. (More ahead we will see how it operates this theoretical planning in the relations of the educator and educating). In other cases, however, the denied one operates to be against to the admission of the difference with respect to the ideal.

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