The History Of Ikea From A Business To A Multinational

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In April they opened a giant store in Jerez and next month they will do the same in the city of A Coruna, but IKEA seems to not only comply with the continuous opening of new centers, but it demonstrates a firm commitment to remodel and expand the surface of their existing centers, as the latest example of the store IKEA in Badalona. The chain continues with the same philosophy since it opened the doors of its first Center in 1948, and is for this reason that does not hesitate to invest budget expand their stores to offer new products of quality at an attractive price and to facilitate the purchase of the millions of visitors who flock daily to its stores. Most have heard on occasion of the IKEA brand, which has about 270 establishments spread across 25 countries in the world, but is many people that unknown origins of the Swedish homes charming. The IKEA story begins in 1926, year in which its founder, Ingvar Kamprad, who since a young age had the dream of opening a business was born. Ingvar began his career as an entrepreneur with only 7 years. His first business was selling matches to neighbors of Elmtaryd, being a child. At this early age, Kamprad realized that could buy matches to the wholesale and at very low cost in Stockholm, to be sold shortly thereafter to the retail and at affordable prices, obtaining an interesting benefit.

This idea would be, ultimately the central axis which re-established the philosophy of IKEA, his great company, which is to sell various kinds of products at an affordable price. At the age of 17, the young opened its first store IKEA, which included the sale of all sorts of items at low prices. In 1948, Ingvar makes IKEA furniture shop, starting to use the catalogue and exhibitions as communication channels to reach the largest number of people possible. In 1956, before pressure from its competitors on the suppliers of furniture, IKEA opts for designing their own furniture. And that same year ends of profiling the philosophy of the company, When one of his collaborators took away the legs to a table so that it would fit in a car and is not damaged when transporting, which meant the appearance of flat packages and self-Assembly, nuances hallmarks of the brand. From that moment, IKEA has been developing its growth, reaching more than 590 million customers around the world and designing more than 9,500 items for decoration of the kitchen, lounge, bathroom and each and every one of the units of the home.

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