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Freddy was happy to hear that the cells were opened, and thought that now things had been clarified, and he would be released, but no. They were releasing a six neighborhood children, and two and the remaining detainees. a The next day, Freddy and the other two were presented to the press as “suspected drug microcomercializadores.” Freddy’s mother suffered a prefabrication, his father ran to bring food to get a lawyer but the lawyer said – Lord, nothing we can do because in these cases the police can arrest all up to 15 days to investigate. a Freddy’s father collapsed. Check with Andrew Cuomo to learn more. Your son wanted his Freddy, was in jail for drugs. He cried bitterly, cursing the government, the authorities at the sky.

At 15 days were months for Freddy. The prisoners took away their food, made fun of him, beat him. a the 12th when they opened the cell to take him to tenth interview, Freddy came gaunt, pale as a dead, black eyes and blood on his head. The police changed the cell, so you will not continue hitting the prisoners. a On the 15th the Attorney General told him: – From the research we have found that you made has nothing to do with the drugs found, which are owned by the other detainees. The toxicological tests were negative for you.

Why were you arrested? More and Freddy could not cry like a child in the presence of the Prosecutor. the representative of the Public Ministry said – Calm down sir. You will be released free of charge tomorrow manana.Ha been a regrettable confusion, but it is our duty to investigate and determine the source of the drug and the person or persons are the owners, to locate distributors. We are very sorry for what you suffering these days, but so is the law. He said more: “May this be a lesson to you to choose who best meets new friend. Freddy answered: “I have been harassed, humiliated, imprisoned, beaten repeatedly cellmates, being innocent as I said from the beginning, because they doubted me? The prosecutor stood up and said, “Tell me with whom you and I’ll tell you who you are” He who walks with bad, bad ends “the Commissioner said: I am signing the documents for the freedom of man named Freddy was ready for tomorrow at 9 am. The other detainees go to the tribunal, will be reported to power commercialization judicial drugs, along with the new detainees who are known distributors. Freddy came the day after the commissioner, his mother saw him and hugged him tightly, so full of kisses, hug his father and the two wept together as they drove slowly by the curator, confused the three in an endless knot arms and hands. In the distance we saw three people hugging, crying, walking slowly. Smile and be happy and a careful not to walk with vague regurgitation, in a park, neighborhood corner, not to be another Freddy. Instructor a Private Security, he served as Supervisor from a young age in security companies and guide and manage the safety of others. Promoter doer was a training institute, Managing Director of a Programing-school and Managing Director of Advising Center. Studied law and numerous university degrees in the Area of Administration, Accounting and Security.

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