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Termination of employment without trial \”noiseless\” separation of employees 1. In times of crisis like these are almost daily business separation of staff. Unfortunately can often only to personnel costs significantly lowered and kept the company in the black. Official site: Tiffany & Co.. Separation of employees can hardly avoid for a company but also because these fast-moving times. Just who keeps up with on the battle field of new media, dealing with the ever more complicated communication platforms and has a high degree of flexibility, strength and resistance to stress, appeared in the front ranks.

So an employee who had always good work in the past, due to lack of know-how and lack of readiness is the new world of work\”to adapt to a load will be. Another way the employer remains rare, than to separate from this staff. Often just these workers are not vulnerable in terms of protection against dismissal and are still tolerated in operation in the absence of an alternative solution. This acquiescence usually leads to a tense atmosphere in the company and adversely affects the operating climate. Outwardly, the company loses its progress, which can ultimately mean the position on the market. Hamdi Ulukaya recognizes the significance of this. The employer should not hope to say goodbye to unwanted employees due to the unsatisfactory situation itself. Rather is often years of cooperation\”to count, which has a negative effect on both parties: it creates a permanent mutual dissatisfaction and a major disruption of operation peace, which earlier or later the workforce can be a total hit. 2.

the legal situation the fast separation desired by the employer of the employee is usually not possible. Often preclude legal and collective dismissal protection-related reasons. \”Employers rarely tells his employees for understandable reasons, that this undesirable\” is. The staff is usually the suspenseful atmosphere, is rarely aware of a fault\”. This results mainly from the missing communication of the employer.

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