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Boarding: To compliment yours truly? To gain confidence? To show interested? It understands it and if to make to understand? To know to say farewell itself? Name or heading MR.? Cuts and considerate? Not it privacy? Eyes: not to be facing or facing? Caution in the questionings? If to delay can ask for excuses? It corrects the imperfections? It prevents interruptions To understand customers: They are not equal? To listen to them? Accepted them? To perceive the feelings and the emotions of them as well as its feelings and its emotions? To hear and to give attention, simultaneously, to the gestures, the fisionomia and the tone of voice of them at the moment of the negotiation; To have certainty of that it understood the message that they are transmitting; To express quickly as perceive you them. HE DOES NOT MAKE: He does not judge, nor criticizes its customers, this type of attitude compromises the negotiation considerably; He does not make commentaries that express privacy and/or disinterest. Says he never corrects it of its customers, only speaks correctly; It is basic that the customers feel themselves satisfied in negotiating with the company, as well as being taken care of for you, selling; To clarify in way legalizes and you doubt them to objective the customers; Coherence; face expression; vocabulary; slangs; other languages or terms technician; It does not interrupt; it helps, but it completes its speaks; to be discrete; objetividade and prevents commentaries that it saw or it heard. Ahead of a claim: It explains the reason? It is not of the area? I cannot solve? It presents the measures and what it will make for not happening again itself? It does not ignore? It does not leave without explanations and necessary information? Never it gives false impression? It does not waste the time? Coherence and etc? Not knife promises that cannot be fulfilled Fired: Considerate, gracious, elegant, affection of an offered service.

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