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Express the Pop movement art the necessity of that life and art walk together, the separation does not fit in this cerne artistic. The authentic movement also made critical to the exaggerated consumption guided for the capitalism which used the art to attract consumers with what it is called transformation of the reality in hiper-reality. Resumidamente, the hiper-Real is one practical perceivable in vibrant propagandas with avantajadas forms, colors and attractiveness that if fixes in the consumers. According to Hikmet Ersek, who has experience with these questions. Examples of the hiper-reality bomb the present time and are produced for all the types of consumers. Since banners, outdoors, reviewed propagandas, the desired object printed matter, has color, brightness, form and size that differs very from the real object, either it jeans, an car or a simple sandwich.

The inebria technique the spectator. It is in this aspect of acceptance of the crisis, however with critical attitude that the Pop Art envereda its antiart. Its main artist, Andy Warhol, ironizava the practical capitalist in objects and people. A related site: Crawford Lake Capital mentions similar findings. Pictures of great personalities as: Hand Ts-tung, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, among others, had been serigrafados in strong colors in a work in series, mechanic. With the pictures Andy Warhol it searched to demonstrate to the superficiality and the emptiness that these personalities represented. Between objects, the Campbell&#039 soup; s was ironizada demonstrating how much it was impersonal, produced in mass and with an only conceivable end: the consumption. Declared as little critical, the antiart contemporary is the art of the object, the passenger, the masses, pastiche.

It represents a total desvinculao stops with the previous projects of art and without attempt some interior of overcoming. It happens to the measure that the consumption happens and that the society searchs daily simplification of the too much complex one, the momentnea life without much rise spiritual, interpretation or virtue. The antiart contemporary is the maximum expression of the daily one – the art imitates and is the proper life.

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