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At the As for pleasure, or high-speed racing bike this detail is not necessary. Well, without going into technical details, let the child to choose the color and additional details, especially girls. Teen bike. This thumbnails bikes for adults, from which they differ only in the lower weight, smaller diameter wheels and a massive frame. Are often equipped with front shock absorber, which allows child cope with the obstacles that are sometimes used and rear shock absorbers, wheel diameter, usually 24 inches, hand brake, the number of speeds can vary from 1 to 21, depending on the make and model of bike. The main thing to look out for the parents, the weight of the bike.

It should not exceed 10 kilograms. Of course, if your child does not choose cycling extreme, where the weight and strength of the frames play a large role. Children at this age sufficiently independent, and must necessarily take into account their wishes when choosing a bike. Try to come to a reasonable compromise. Children often tend to stand out among their peers. Let your son on a bike switch will be installed in twenty-four speed, even if it is not seriously used. Bicycle for children as for adults, individually chosen based on the physical characteristics of man. But to help you navigate to select in advance, representing approximately the size of table of bicycle parts and increase the child's age. Age of child growth child diameter wheel brakes count rate of 1.5 – 3 years up to 98 cm 12 inches Rear foot-1 3 – 5 years 115 cm 16 inches Rear foot-1 5 – 7 years 130 cm 20 inches Rear leg front manual + 1 – 6 7 – 12 years 130 cm 24 inch front and a rear manual 1 – 18

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