Where Do German Freelancers Live?

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The current release of project work project work market monitor of December according to Hamburg in the ranking of project density in the first place is located. But how to spread the number of freelancers on the German cities? The current market monitor project work is this question. Not surprisingly, Hamburg here occupies the leading position, followed by Munich and Berlin also. In contrast to the project density Berlin is the number of freelancers but in third place, while the top 7 otherwise analog goes along with the ranking of project density. Surprisingly however is that Wiesbaden surpasses the Freelancer Hanover, Nuremberg and Bonn in contrast to the project density in the number. Especially in cities with a large number of freelancers, the network gains more and more importance. While most IT professionals are often lone, changed the market and demands increasingly well-connected specialists.

Also the project Exchange helps the networking in addition to social networks project work. Another good idea, which is becoming more and more accepted, are Coworking spaces. Not for nothing shoot new coworking spaces out of the ground like mushrooms. And not only in cities with high density of freelancers such as Hamburg, Munich and Berlin, but also in smaller cities. Coworking is a concept that receives an ever greater relevance in the life of a freelancer. Because the networking no longer quantity in the form of as many Facebook friends, but content exchange and actual cooperation as an expression of quality counts”, says Dr. Christiane road, Managing Director of project work.

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